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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 November 2009
Notification of Acceptance: 5 January 2010

*Due to the significant volume of submitted abstract, the notification of acceptance for some sessions hasn’t been sent out yet. It is expected that you would be notified from 11 January 2010 onwards. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 20 February 2010

In response to feedback we received from contributors, we have decided to postpone the deadline for full paper submission to 7 April 2010. If you wish to submit your full paper, please submit your paper to teldap-collab@twgrid.org by 7 April 2010.

Topics of Interest Include

Abstract Submission

  • Date: 23 Oct. - 30 Nov. 2009
  • Online Submission please click HERE.
  • For more information, please contact Ms. Cindy Chen.

Session Description

Biosphere & Natures
How can digitized assets change the way we perceive our planet? What applications can be built so that we can improve natural resource management with the digital archive?

The digitization of natural history collections has greatly aided in the research workflow of fundamental systematics, as well as provides an overview of the species composition of the past. By comparing that with geo-referenced observations in the present, scientists can study the human impact on biodiversity. When further evaluated with environmental factors, we start to gain insights into the bio-complexity in this age of extreme climate change. Invited speakers in this session will demonstrate several exciting practices showing how scientists utilize digitization methods on observation data to model and to hypothesize the possible decision support for sustainable development and biodiversity conservation in the future.

Lives & Cultures
Taiwan is an island country which is composed of various ethnic groups. The different life styles and habits of those groups have shaped a historical culture which is rich, unique, and full of diversity. Through Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP), the Life and Culture Thematic Group of Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project attempts to reserve the beauty of this characteristic Taiwan culture, such as researching of the excavated relics and digitalizing the collections of the materials, documentary information, diaries, photos, traditional folklores and cultural skills of Aboriginal, Minan, Hakka, migrants from Mainland China and other minorities.
In order to share, spread the results of digitalization in archeology and anthropology in Taiwan, by exchanging the digital archives techniques and experienced practices of many programs, TELDAP International Conference 2010, would help the research, promotion and sustainable management of digitalization worldwide. Researchers of digital archive organizations in archeology and cultures, or technicians of related fields are welcome to summit your papers.

Archives & Databases
The proposed panel aims to foster interoperability and collaboration between institutions, groups, and individuals creating and using archives and databases. The aim is to further cooperation and discussion of all matters related to better integration of the digital archives. Such matters include (but not limited to) standards for interchange of data and metadata, best practices, sample implementations and coordination of identifier definition, catalog mapping, emerging technologies, and so forth.
To achieve this goal, select groups and individuals will be invited to participate in the discussions in the TELDAP panel. The proposed panel will focus on bringing together speakers from different fields to commemorate previous achievements and lay the foundations for future developments in various studies.
It is our hope that the panel will revitalize cooperation between various archives and projects in these fields as well as between those projects funded by NDAP. The panel will also accommodate and benefit scholars and innovators in the field of Digital Learning.

Arts & Illustrations
In the past few years, the members of The Art and Illustrations Thematic Group of Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project have done fruitful work in digital archives. The digitalized outcome contains both 2D and 3D visual art works, such as painting, calligraphy, rubbing, seal cutting, jade craft, ceramic, glove puppet, musical instrument, sculpture, Peking operas, Kunqu and fabrics. These precious original art works were once only presented to the public with their aesthetic effects by actually being exhibited in the museums; but now with the digital techniques and internet access, ‘Art’ has become much more accessible to the general public.
With the purposes of sharing and exchanging the digital archiving techniques and experiences, as well as promoting art work digitalizing techniques, we would like to invite those who are specialized in digitalization techniques or painting and craft conservation to gather together by holding the ‘TELDAP International Conference 2010’.

We invite submission of full papers particularly in the following topics:

  • Collaboration between digitalization technique and methods for art history study
  • Color management
  • Quality assurance and efficient digitization workflows
  • 3D Image capture technology
  • 2D, calligraphy and scroll image capture technology

Maps & Architectures
With the geographical features and historical background, the charm of cultural and natural landscape in Taiwan flourishes in different forms. Map and Architecture Thematic Group, one of six thematic groups in “Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project”, has precious collection on symbolic features in Taiwanese architecture and geographical information. With techniques such as photographing, scanning, 3D modeling, LIDAR, and Virtual Reality, different forms and features in the specific time and space make possible to be recorded and preserved. For the 2010 TELDAP International Conference, we would like to invite you to share the work we have achieved as well as to discuss and explore the further possibility for digital technologies with special use on recording map and architecture.

We invite submission of full papers particularly respond to the following main themes:

  • Knowledge development of Taiwan architecture in association with living space
  • Knowledge in architecture integrated by digital content
  • Discussion on the further study of digital content
  • Study on the presentation of space and time in GIS
  • combining grid with distributed data and services
  • Study on the linkage between the usage and promotion of the digital content database to its users

Languages & Multimedia
Abstract submissions are cordially invited for peer review on recent advances in the following topics related to Language and Multimedia.

  • Journalism & (New) media: digital archives, digital contents and application
  • Sign/Spoken languages corpora: theory, practice and application


Topics for submission include but are not limited to:

  • Technology Enhanced Science Learning
  • Digital Technology Enhanced Learning & Society
  • Classroom, Ubiquitous and Mobile Technologies Enhanced Learning
  • Technology Enhanced Language Learning
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Innovative Design of Learning Software

Call for Full-Paper Submissions

We highly encourage the 2010 speakers (both invited and accepted CFP submission) to submit the full-papers of their presentations for publication. The papers should be only submitted in English and will be published in the Conference Proceedings afterwards. The maximum page length for full paper is 10 pages. Publication Manual: please refer to the submission & style guidelines of Taiwan Journal of Anthropology. Clear instructions about the preparation of a final proceedings version will be announced on the conference website.

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