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Detailed Description:

  1. Abstracts should be submitted in English (within 300-400 words).
    Note: The contributors who will submit the abstract in Mandarin should also submit English abstract (within 300-400 words each).
  2. Submissions will be refereed by the Program Committee.
  3. One author of each accepted paper will be expected to present the paper at the conference.
  4. The abstract submission deadline is 30 November 2009.
  5. No accommodation and traffic costs to participants.
  6. For more information, please contact Ms. Cindy Chen.

Paper Accepted List - Oral Session:

Lives & Cultures :
Primary authors
6 KUO, I-chun Seeing the World Through A New Set Of Lenses
19 LIAO, TUN-ju An Exploration of Application and Development of Digital Library from the Viewpoint of Building Local Culture –
41 CHEN, Hung-cheng Discovering the Life Stories of Modern Hakka Mothers: A Social Network Approach

Archives & Databases :
Primary authors
29 STREITER, Oliver ThakBong, Digitalizing Taiwan's Tombstones for Teaching, Research and Documentation
31 LU, Wei-lee Navy memorial digital archive - Yang class destroyers
33 VERZOLA, Pio Jr A survey of online news archiving practices in the Philippines, in the context of using Dublin-Core-compliant metadata for research on recent history

Arts & Illustrations :
Primary authors
1 WANG, Tai-jui The feasibility of deepening the educational research in 3D motion capture data analysis and the digital archiving technique applied on traditional Chinese opera performing movements
18 YEN, Hui-yun Traditional art images in the Augmented Reality of the value-added applications to explore - for example in Chinese Opera Masks

Languages & Multimedia :
Primary authors
38 YANG, Meng-chien An Ontological Approach to Analyzing Relational Similarity of the Yami language
RAU, D. Victoria
56 TSAY, Jane Taiwanese Child Language Corpus

e-Learning :
Primary authors
2 CHAU, Juliana ePortfolios to support and enhance assessment for learning
8 HUNTER, Lawrie Information structures: The essential deep foundation of concept mapping
10 CHIEN, Ching-hua The Study of Using Lego NXT Robot System in Helping Elementary Students to Learn Problem Solving and mathematics concepts
12 SHIH, Ju-ling The Development of GIS-based Digital Learning Archive for Southern Taiwan History and Geography
14 LIM, Kin Chew Flexible Learning of Human Physiology Using the SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Specification
15 HU, Wen-chu Applying Cognitive Load Theory in the Design of e-Learning Materials for Second Language Speakers of Mandarin
17 YAMAMOTO, Tosh How to Overcome the Disadvantages of the e-Portfolio System - Lessons Learned from the Show Cases of e-Portfolio Implementation in the Higher Education in Japan –
23 YUASA, Katsutoshi Multimedia Scenarios for University Students to Improve Their Conceptual Understanding of Projects as Human Activity Systems: Its Implementation in PBL Class
43 LIN, Shian-hua Integrating Teaching Tools and Web Contents into the Web 2.0 Platform
57 HUANG, Shu-hsien Designing a Teaching Goal-Oriented Learning Feedback Mechanism in Web-based Learning Environment
60 HSIEH, Pei-hsuan The Effects of Animated Designs in Lectures of Micro-Nano Science Experiments on Students’ Comprehension Abilities
61 GHISLANDI, Patrizia Communities of practice for the continouos education of health workers

Paper Accepted List - Poster Session :

Information for Poster Presenters : HERE

Primary authors
9 HUANG, Chuen-min Web Image Annotation Using LSA and Association Analysis
21 LIAO, Hsiao-yu Complementary colour application to help learner’s memory
34 LIU, Chun-yi Developing the On-line Learning Curriculum For Elementary and Junior High School Math Teachers’ Professional Development
WENG, Jia-sheng
CHEO, Shu-tin
36 WU, Yueh-cheng Kids’ Words-Design An e-Learning Product
40 YANG, Guey-meei TeachArt Wiki, Taiwan: Realizing the Collaborative Research Potential of Digital Archives through Wiki
WANG, Li-yan
45 WANG, Ben-li A Web-based E-learning System for Micro-controller Courses with Moodle
46 YANG, Ding-an Le PARMLabs: a Live DVD based e-learning Platform for ARM7 Laboratories
51 CHEN, Liang-chu Exploring the intellectual structure of e-Learning from MIS perspective using author co-citation analysisAdolescent students
62 GOU, Yi-jin Virtual display technology in museum industry: a study on the Virtual Panel of the Jumping over the Dragon Gate
HSIEH, Jyun-ke
LEE, Tai-yun


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