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Paper Accepted List - Oral Session:

Lives & Cultures :
Primary authors
6 KUO, I-chun Seeing the World Through A New Set Of Lenses
19 LIAO, TUN-ju An Exploration of Application and Development of Digital Library from the Viewpoint of Building Local Culture –
41 CHEN, Hung-cheng Discovering the Life Stories of Modern Hakka Mothers: A Social Network Approach

Archives & Databases :
Primary authors
29 STREITER, Oliver ThakBong, Digitalizing Taiwan's Tombstones for Teaching, Research and Documentation
31 LU, Wei-lee Navy memorial digital archive - Yang class destroyers
33 VERZOLA, Pio Jr A survey of online news archiving practices in the Philippines, in the context of using Dublin-Core-compliant metadata for research on recent history

Arts & Illustrations :
Primary authors
1 WANG, Tai-jui The feasibility of deepening the educational research in 3D motion capture data analysis and the digital archiving technique applied on traditional Chinese opera performing movements
18 YEN, Hui-yun Traditional art images in the Augmented Reality of the value-added applications to explore - for example in Chinese Opera Masks

Languages & Multimedia :
Primary authors
38 YANG, Meng-chien An Ontological Approach to Analyzing Relational Similarity of the Yami language
RAU, D. Victoria
56 TSAY, Jane Taiwanese Child Language Corpus

e-Learning :
Primary authors
2 CHAU, Juliana ePortfolios to support and enhance assessment for learning
8 HUNTER, Lawrie Information structures: The essential deep foundation of concept mapping
10 CHIEN, Ching-hua The Study of Using Lego NXT Robot System in Helping Elementary Students to Learn Problem Solving and mathematics concepts
12 SHIH, Ju-ling The Development of GIS-based Digital Learning Archive for Southern Taiwan History and Geography
14 LIM, Kin Chew Flexible Learning of Human Physiology Using the SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Specification
15 HU, Wen-chu Applying Cognitive Load Theory in the Design of e-Learning Materials for Second Language Speakers of Mandarin
17 YAMAMOTO, Tosh How to Overcome the Disadvantages of the e-Portfolio System - Lessons Learned from the Show Cases of e-Portfolio Implementation in the Higher Education in Japan –
23 YUASA, Katsutoshi Multimedia Scenarios for University Students to Improve Their Conceptual Understanding of Projects as Human Activity Systems: Its Implementation in PBL Class
43 LIN, Shian-hua Integrating Teaching Tools and Web Contents into the Web 2.0 Platform
57 HUANG, Shu-hsien Designing a Teaching Goal-Oriented Learning Feedback Mechanism in Web-based Learning Environment
60 HSIEH, Pei-hsuan The Effects of Animated Designs in Lectures of Micro-Nano Science Experiments on Students’ Comprehension Abilities
61 GHISLANDI, Patrizia Communities of practice for the continouos education of health workers

Paper Accepted List - Poster Session :

Information for Poster Presenters : HERE

Primary authors
9 HUANG, Chuen-min Web Image Annotation Using LSA and Association Analysis
21 LIAO, Hsiao-yu Complementary colour application to help learner’s memory
34 LIU, Chun-yi Developing the On-line Learning Curriculum For Elementary and Junior High School Math Teachers’ Professional Development
WENG, Jia-sheng
CHEO, Shu-tin
36 WU, Yueh-cheng Kids’ Words-Design An e-Learning Product
40 YANG, Guey-meei TeachArt Wiki, Taiwan: Realizing the Collaborative Research Potential of Digital Archives through Wiki
WANG, Li-yan
45 WANG, Ben-li A Web-based E-learning System for Micro-controller Courses with Moodle
46 YANG, Ding-an Le PARMLabs: a Live DVD based e-learning Platform for ARM7 Laboratories
51 CHEN, Liang-chu Exploring the intellectual structure of e-Learning from MIS perspective using author co-citation analysisAdolescent students
62 GOU, Yi-jin Virtual display technology in museum industry: a study on the Virtual Panel of the Jumping over the Dragon Gate
HSIEH, Jyun-ke
LEE, Tai-yun


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